Video Production for Smitty's Beard Sauce

We produced a YouTube video miniseries for Kevin Smith, owner of Smitty's Beard Sauce, on his hunt in Alaska. You can check out these videos at:

Video Production for Shooter1721

We founded shooter1721 in 2013 and have created and produced videos with Rick to help the channel grow ever since. Check out these videos at:

Team Jäger TV

We are currently working on a new project, Air Jäger TV, where we will be hunting with airguns. For the next 2 years we will be focusing on the Keystone State and helping to educate others on airgun hunting laws in our state. Keep an eye out for videos coming later this year!

Social Media Management

We manage social media for the Airgun Sporting Association, shooter1721 and Airgunpicsdaily (Instagram). We also manage our one of a kind content creator forum. You can find the forum under the Grow Your Brand tab at the top of the page. 


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